Alisha McLardy

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Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist & Certified Pilates Instructor

Alisha’s goals always come back to working towards a functional place that feels good.

Alisha found a passion for movement and the human body at a young age. Coming from a big family offered her the chance to watch bodies evolve through their various stages of life. Eventually, her curiosity led her to University of Waterloo to major in Kinesiology. With some experience in teaching Pilates and personal training, she knew there were still pieces missing in order to assist clients in achieving a healthy functional body. This led her to pursuing her diploma in massage therapy to fill that gap.

Obtaining her diploma through Medix College allowed Alisha to complete her comprehensive movement education. Over the years of working with different populations, Alisha saw the value of soft tissue and assisted stretching as a rehab tools and expanded her knowledge taking additional courses have been taken including shoulder and upper back Injuries, pre and post natal care, pelvic floor and low back injuries. 

With her background in kinesiology and detail to patterns of movement, Alisha found massaging in a rehab setting a natural fit, working over the years with a range of health care providers to help care for the needs of clients. Recently exploring new spaces and working with new individuals has lead to a new found passion in massage as a rehab tool and an appreciation for the hands on therapeutic work.

Alisha’s goals always come back to working towards a functional place that feels good. Striving to find a balance with helping aid in relaxation as well as help find better functional movements helps keep her session enjoyable while achieving any personal goals.  Assisting clients in finding freedom in their body helps Alisha to stay passionate about movement, encouraging them to take what they learn into daily life.  Alisha thrives on the ability of movement to empower individuals to gain self-awareness, break down faulty patterns and rebuilding the body in a more functional place. 

Alisha is a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist, Fully-certified Pilates Instructor, Eldoa Level 2 instructor, Fascial Stretch Therapist certified through the Stretch to Win Institute. She has also completed her TRX Suspension Training Instructor certificate and is a certified Spin Instructor.